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Marietta Chandelier Cleaning

Does the chandelier hanging in your foyer have several burnt out bulbs and enough dust to be considered an antique? Have birds abandoned a nest inside your outside light fixture? Is it frightening to pull up your blinds or window shades because of the dust bunnies that have taken up residence? If you have any of these difficult to reach or not so fun chores on your to do list call us!

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In addition to providing Marietta residents and business owners with superior window washing services, we also do cleaning extras as part of our residential and commercial/business window cleaning services to help our valued customers.

Chandelier hand washing: Trust our window washing professionals to hand wash, dry and buff your chandelier to a brilliant shine. We can change burnt-out bulbs and restore your chandelier to look like new. We have ladders and the proper materials to do on site cleaning.

Light fixture cleaning: It can be tricky to properly clean your hard to reach or intricate light fixtures. Let us hand clean your interior and exterior light fixtures and enhance their beauty.

Mirrors: Do you have large mirrors hung in places that are impossible to reach? Have you tried endlessly to have a picture perfect, streak free mirror? For amazing results let us clean your homes mirrors.

Blinds and Window Shades: It is time consuming and detailed work to properly clean your windows blinds or shades. We have an efficient and unique cleaning system to get your blinds and shades squeaky clean!

Ceiling fans and hard to reach places in your home: We are happy to clean the dust and grime off your ceiling fans and the hard to reach shelves, ledges and areas of your home.

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Windows are our specialty, but your happiness is our priority, so we are happy to give you a quote for cleaning extras that you need help with around your home. Our window washing professionals are highly trained and extremely knowledgeable in all of our service offerings. As Marietta's full service window washing experts, you can trust us to do an excellent job in all aspects of our residential window cleaning services.

Contact our Marietta Chandelier Cleaning Professionals today for more information on how we can help ease the burden of your "to do" list.

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